LJ Fabricators is your trusted partner in custom metal fabrication for over 30 years. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company offering unparalleled quality and expertise with our vision being an industry leader using the latest technology and an array of manufacturing services that offer a solution for most any metal fabrication project.

We operate in a 59,000 square foot climate controlled facility with resources to manage a variety of metal fabricating projects. Our core strengths focus on CO2 and Fiber laser cutting, welding, high speed punching and precision bending.

When working with LJ Fabricators, you have access to our design services, CAD and engineer consulting, and will receive a top quality product at competitive pricing.

Laser Cutting

LJ Fabricators is a proven leader in the laser cutting industry with over 25 years of experience. We offer both flat CO2 and Fiber laser cutting along with multi-axis laser cutting to meet a range of customer requirements across many industries. Learn more about precison laser cutting.

High Speed Punching

Our punching technology with full material retrieval automation allows us to achieve the highest production speeds without sacrificing the quality or accuracy of each part. The machine extrudes, taps, countersinks, progressively beads and deburrs punched edges while forming up to 1” flanges. Learn more about high speed punching.

Precision Welding

Our welding technicians have been trained by several of the American Welding Society’s Standards. We are highly proficient in welding stainless, carbon steel and aluminum. We perform an extensive number of welding technologies including TIG & MIG welding, resistance welding, robotic MIG welding, brazing, and flux core welding. Learn more about precision welding.

Precision Bending

Our precision bending machines range from 30 to 352 tons with the ability to bend up to a length of 13 feet in length. Whether it is 90 degree angles, complex cone, transition or entire assemblies, our press brakes are equipped to meet our customer specifications. Learn more about precision forming.

Engineering & Quality

The quality of our customers’ product is our primary focus from start to finish of each project. Engineering consultation is provided to assure a projects’ manufacturability throughout the development process. Our ISO 9001:2015 quality management system is foundational to guiding our every step in maintaining both the dimensional and manufacturing processes for all finished products. Learn more about engineering & quality.

Other Capabilities

We provide a variety of support services dedicated to being your sole source for metal solutions including hardware insertion, machining, powder coat, and rolling. Our facility infrastructure allows us to efficiently process customer requirements and provide rapid turnaround for a diverse number of projects. Learn more about our other capabilities.