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Supplier Terms & Conditions

November 24, 2023

Supplier Terms and Conditions

  1. Pricing. If Seller’s prices are different than those stated on LJ Fabricators, Inc purchase order, Seller’s prices are subject to approval by LJ Fabricators, Inc prior to the start of work upon receipt of the original purchase order. If approval is not received by the Seller within a reasonable amount of time, LJ Fabricators, Inc should be contacted by telephone so as not to delay shipment.
  2. Delivery and Acceptance. All deliveries by Seller shall include a packing slip that includes the purchase order number, part number and revision level and quantities shipped on all correspondence.
  3. Terms of Payment. Payments hereunder shall be due from LJ Fabricators, Inc within (30) days of acceptance of products
  4. Right of Access. LJ Fabricators, its customers and/or regulatory authorities shall be allowed right of access to visit the seller’s facilities to monitor the items being manufactured/processed and verify the quality of work, records, material(s), compliance. Buyer will provide advanced notification of such visits, whenever possible to avoid disruption of planned schedules.
  5. Quality Assurance. The Seller shall implement a system to ensure the quality of all goods delivered to LJ Fabricators pursuant to the Purchase Order which shall include, but not limited to, the following provisions:
    • Goods covered by the Purchase Order, and special processes used to generate the goods, are subject to evaluation and verification inspection by LJ Fabricators representatives to determine their effectiveness in supporting quality requirements.
    • A Seller Certificate of Compliance may be required upon request of the Purchaser.
    • A Manufacturer’s Material Certification may be required upon request of the Purchaser.
    • Seller must notify Buyer and receive Buyers approval before shipping goods that do not conform to the specifications within the Purchase Order.
    • Any changes in process shall require advanced notification and approval by LJ Fabricators, Inc.
    • Performance of our suppliers will be monitored by on-time delivery and the overall quality of goods and services.
    • When the need to outsource work occurs (using sub-tier suppliers) LJ Fabricators must be notified in advance, including changes in sub-tier suppliers and changes in location of manufacture prior to making the change. This requirement applies to the suppliers contracted by LJ Fabricators to perform work and services, or provide products.
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