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Hardware Insertion

November 23, 2023

Hardware Insertion

Process Reliability
Our hardware insertion equipment is used to efficiently process self-clinching nuts, studs, and standoffs into a variety of material thicknesses.

Insertion Technology

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Hardware Insertion Process

A wide variety of fastener types can be installed with our advanced insertion equipment and technology. Operated by touch screens, the CNC controls are equipped with InsertionLogic software which has the ability to store and retrieve programs. These programs guide the operator through installation with a series of images illustrating specific locations for each fastener in the part. The lower tool holder is a 4-station color-coded turret system. The turret station color always matches the color of the program displayed on the CNC screen optimizing labor, improving quality, and increasing productivity.

Turret System

Variety of Fastener Types

InsertionLogic Software

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Your partner in fabricated metal solutions
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