It has Arrived! - 6kW Fiber Laser

LJ Fabricators is a proven leader in the laser cutting industry with over 25 years of experience. We offer both flat CO2 and Fiber laser cutting along with multi-axis laser cutting to meet a range of customer requirements across many industries.

Each machine is equipped with material automation allowing for "Lights Out Manufacturing," making our laser cutting quick and cost effective. Our flat lasers range from 4.4kW to 6kW and have the ability to process up to 79" x 159" sheets. Our multi-axis laser adds geometry cutouts to hydro formed, spun, stamped and tubing parts by supplying a scribed part or 3D CAD file to generate a tool path in an offline process to maximize accuracy, efficiency and repeatability.

Flat Laser Cutting Centers

Multi-Axis Laser Cutting Center

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